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Kæmpe oppusteligt Spøgelsestræ. 270 Cm.

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The inflatable ensemble of Europalms is a complete cemetery scene.
Whether in your front yard or at an event, it?s certainly a stunning effect as the center of your Halloween decoration.

Two white ghosts seam to whizz through the bare branches of the lost tree, while the owl majestically sits on a large branch. The scene is completed by a tombstone and three pumpkins with grim faces. A special effect is created by the discreetly illumination of the owl, ghosts, pumpkins and gravestone by cool white LEDs from the inside.
The IP44 protection class - splash-proof - enables easy installation in sheltered outdoor areas.

It?s easy like that:
For operation permanently connect the ensemble to the power supply via a 1.70 m long supply cable. It then inflates on its own to its full size.
For a stable stand always attach and fix the enclosed anchoring cords at ground level at the front and back as well as halfway up the tree.

Self-inflating Halloween ensemble ghostly tree

  • Complete cemetery scene enlightened with cool white LEDs
  • Integrated pump allows easy installation
  • Weight 1.7 kg
  • Power supply unit included
  • Positioning: Incl. mounting materials
  • Article is: Easy to build up
  • Special effect: with illumination
  • Special effect: Inflatable

IP classification:IP44
Length:110 cm
Height:270 cm
Width:170 cm
Weight:1,35 kg
Varenr.: E-83314707