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Bulrush, alrtificial plant, 150cm

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Herbaceous growing plastic marsh and aquatic plant
The bulrush, also known as lamp cleaner or cannon cleaner, is a particularly popular and decorative plant due to its eye-catching appearance. In floristry, however, only the dried inflorescences of the marsh and aquatic plant were used for autumn decorations or dry arrangements.
In the case of Europalms' artificial bulrush, great importance was attached to a lifelike appearance. Starting with the stiffly upright growing, unstalked leaves in various shades of green and brown to the brown colored, cylindrical bulbs with their two-part inflorescence.
The basic gardener's pot included in the delivery is covered with built-in pebbles. Thus it can be used both as a standing aid for a planter and as a decorative pot.
The plant is available in different sizes and thus suitable for different purposes.

Herbaceous growing plastic marsh and aquatic plant

  • Article is: Ready to place
  • Positioning: Design Planter

Height:150 cm
Leaves' material:Plastic
Varenr.: E-82600115